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About New Dong Phuong

New Dong Phuong is creating a lot of buzz among food enthusiasts who are keen and excited to try the authentic oriental food. The reason that makes this place the top of the town news is its delicious and amazing dishes that are soulful. Well, it even has an impressive menu that can make your mouth water. It has a team of talented and passionate chefs who only aim at serving fresh and tasty food that can make you feel good. Perhaps, this is idea grounds success of New Dong Phuong making it immensely popular among food lovers.

The pillar of this restaurant is the love for food, zeal and desire to serve only the best food in the London. Maybe, this is the reason that it has successfully attracted a number of food enthusiasts who have the similar love for food like it. Whether you want to try Chinese or Thai, New Dong Phuong has an ample of options for you. Eat! Drink! Enjoy! 

Moreover, it is not tough to understand that location places a really important role in the success or failure of a business, especially one related to the food world. So, if you want to have a relaxing day out by enjoying tasty food, and soul calming view of Roehampton High Street, London, this place should surely be there on your bucket list. Stop, eat, and enjoy! 

New Dong Phuong Restaurant

Find Us in London  If you are looking for a restaurant in Roehampton High Street, London where you can find amazing oriental food, you need to go to anywhere else than New Dong Phuong. It is not only known for the great food it serves, but also attracts diners due it its eye pleasing location. Saying, this restaurant is a deadly combination of perfect location (Roehampton High Street, London) and exceptionally amazing food. This eatery is so passionate and crazy about serving the best oriental food in London, it is clearly seen through the effort its puts to earn a list of happy customers. 

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